Simple Ways to Create Your Own Metal Art

What is metal art?

Metal art is a unique and popular type of art, surrounded with individuals of extraordinary expertise. The metal can be etched, stained, warmed up and acid washed to give color and texture for the work. Metal art takes any forms, from representations of the human body to wildly, trendy, and creative abstracts. You can even generate metal art out of found metal objects put together in different ways.

Why make metal art?

  • metal art can be used to beautify and compliment your home and office
  • metal art is ideal for garden decorations, sculptures, home decor, furniture,  etc.
  • recycled metal art can be made into a practical and useful item

How do you make metal art?
Making a metal art may not be that easy, but if you really have the heart to make one, then here are the procedures for you to follow:

What you need:

  • sheet metals, sheet steel
  • broad marker (any color)
  • eye protection
  • metal shears
  • cutting wheel
  • pliers
  • hammer
  • wire wheel
  • paint

Instructions in Making Metal Art:

  1. Brainstorm on any concept you may wish to form. Go search for inspiration. Observe and remember the shapes and textures in your environment.
  2. Decide on what form of metal art you wish to create. Since the metal is slender, a place is needed to support a smooth piece or rocks in securing cylindrical piece since the stuff may blow away when it is not being hold down. Examples of the many items that you can produce using metals are masks, angels, flowers, dinosaurs, vines, skulls and other abstract objects.
  3. Gather sufficient sheet metal suitable for your design. Do not be frustrated if you couldn’t find even and good components of sheet metal. The metals can be tubes that you may easily piece through and squash.
  4. Sketch out your design in the sheet metal by means of a broad marker. It’s alright even if the  lines of the marker are so visible or large; you are going to paint the finished result anyway.
  5. Do not forget to put on wrap-around eye protection before you cut all the design elements from your sheet steel or steel plate using center-cutting metal shears or a cutting wheel on a 4-inch right-angle grinder, depending on the gauge, or thickness of the steel.
  6. Utilize great pair of shears to cut your drafted outline. The slicing is going to be irritating until you have the drape of it. If you ever cut down a big piece, curve one wall with the metal downward and also the other part upwards when you cut through it, if not, your shears can get struck.
  7. Bend, curl and twirl the ends of metal by using pliers. Your hands are able to do this since sheet metals are flexible enough, however, pliers can offer tighter twirl.
  8. Smith the steel to shape by hammering and bending it as needed. Hammer thin sheet steel and rod stock cold. You have to heat larger steel before working it. Make use of standard soldering strategies to secure small design elements to each other.
  9. Take out burrs with a bench grinder, using a fine-grinding wheel and a wire wheel.
  10. Arrange all design elements as desired, overlapping elements as needed. Solder or weld all pieces. Drill screw or bolt holes where necessary. Add any loops or hangers.
  11. Finish-grind and wire-wheel your project as planned to provide a brushed finish down to clean steel.
  12. Paint it. Distribute paint works carefully over the metals, it may cover smoothly without using a brush. Sponge brushes may also produce nice effect to the art. In the event you put the sheet metal art outside the house, be sure you utilize weatherproof spray or paint with sealers.

There you have it, you didn’t just have an idea on what metal art is, but you also got a shot on how to make one yourself. You can display it at your garden, home, office, and can give it to someone as a very special gift. Aside from its alluring appeal, making your own metal art is also more cost-effective than having to buy one from shops and other antique stores.

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